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If I’ve earned your 5-Star review, it would mean a lot to me for you to leave it using the link below (REMEMBER to copy it to Google when you’re done!).

On the other hand, if I have NOT earned your 5-Star review, I would like you to let me know why. I’m not perfect, and I want to learn what I can do to improve.

A lot of times, clients are happy with our service, but aren’t quite sure what to write in a review. Here are some questions that should give you some ideas, and will make your review more helpful for other people who need my services:

  • What was the problem you had prior to retaining me?
  • What made you choose me over all other law firms?
  • What did I do for you?
  • What were some of your favorite things about working with me?
  • As a result of hiring me, what were the results?
  • How have these results improved your life?
    I really appreciate your 5-star Google review!

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Thank you again. Please stay in touch to let me know how you’re doing. I appreciate you taking the time, and I love hearing from my former clients!

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